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Sunday School - 10:15am

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Toddlers and Preschool

Toddlers and preschoolers enjoy Bible stories, songs and crafts. Both classes are taught in rotation on a month to month basis. Both classes focus on stories, crafts, cooking and games to teach lessons from both the Old and New Testament. 

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Kindergarten through 5th grade children learn under the direction of Jane Follas and Emily Clark. Large and small group lessons include Bible stories, crafts, movies, cooking and games. 

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Ryan Leisure, Dustin Price, and Allison Coldren (in rotation) lead students in grades 6–8 as they enjoy a fun structure of reviewing Bible stories and applying them through various video clips and games. This class is currently reviewing Bible based - Grow curriculum. New students are always welcome to join in the discussion and share their input.


Under the direction of Amy Gibson, students in grades 9–12 meet in the youth room and strive to tie their faith lives to the Bible. In this Jesus–centered class, they spend time reading and discussing Bible based - Grow Curriculum as well as multimedia–led lessons. 

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Young Adults

A new class for college age young adults meets in the Sunday School classroom with the piano. This group will begin with a Bible study using Daniel as a centerpiece to discussions on how to love but stand firm in a culture of compromise. Please come and join us!

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Adult Classes

Conference Room – This class led by Tom Boehm is open to all ages, from college to senior citizens. Currently they are using Serendipity Interactive Bible Studies. Serendipity happens when a few people get together in a small group. They get to know one another and the Holy Spirit gets involved in the process. The studies enable sharing in scriptures that applies in our own lives right now. Whether you have a little or a lot of Bible knowledge, everyone has something to share

Library – Using a study guide with scripture references and questions to discuss, this class is led by Natalie McClelland and Nadine Boehm. The current study is focused on the Bible including its purpose, interpretation, guidance, promise and fulfillment. The aim of this particular study is to explore how God’s word can make a difference in our lives and in our faith

Classroom next to library – Led by Gary Wilson, this class is designed for all ages. At times, ages have ranged from 18–85! Topics are based on current events and/or other major issues affecting our present Christian beliefs, and how we can best incorporate these into our church and family relationships

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